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Alissia Hal has had a love for fashion and textiles for as long as she can remember. Born in France into a Greek-Algerian family, she remembers buying and selling second-hand finds, thrifting, and even customizing her own looks from as young as eleven years old. After working eight years in the fashion industry, she had a clearer vision of what she wanted to create. 

Now based in Berlin and still with a passion for aesthetics, Alissia is a self-taught designer and creator, as well as the brains behind her self-named label Alissia Hal. Inspired by her roots and her chosen tribe , Alissia’s collections pay homage to her years traveling around the world and beyond.

The label AH was founded in May 2020, and currently has one collection released per year. The line of clothing is an exploration into the cultures which combines a lot of references and researchs, in the results of hand-made ready-to-wear and couture pieces, many of which feature elements of upcycling.

The inspiration behind Alissia’s design collection combines avant-garde, minimalism with paganism, history with spirituality, to create made-to-order and one of a kind pieces which perfectly convey Alissia’s own eclectic story.

Picture by Adrien Bossa